Sunday, September 19, 2004


Trail to Depression

Neil E. Hodges

Well, it all started in early 9th grade...

I had met a new friend, and introduced him to my old friends. They seemed to get along, but I was starting to act like more of a jerk than usual. They ended up kicking me out. I lived on as a solitary person, which wasn't too fun. I eventually ended up becoming friends with Cyndy Simmons and her group. We hung out during the last part of lunch. This lasted for a while, so I'll move onto the second part, which occurs during this.

Around the time of December, I met this girl online named Maddy Hanson. I met her by adding a whole bunch of people to my contacts list off of the MSN Member Directory. We got closer and closer, until she pretty much fell in love with me. This love didn't last, due to the fact I was still getting over the loss of my friends. We ended up not talking to each other. Now, this isn't the end of Maddy in my life. We talked a bit over the next few months, but only a few conversations.

In February, an old online friend introduced me to an online chat. I first started my venture of role-playing here, which brought me a lot of trouble. A girl named Ashley Mullen and I got really close, which started my 6-month online relationship. Now, this relationship wasn't stable, as towards the end, I started one with a girl named Ciara Graxirena. She was willing to go behind Ashley's back, which really wasn't good. After the relationship with Ashley ended, I went off with a girl named Katherine Grant, which was similar to mine with Maddy. Sadly, I didn't tell Ciara about this, which enraged her.

During this time, my friendship with Cyndy and company began to waiver, due to my forming depression. IT was off and on until school ended, which caused the end of the friendship.

At the beginning of the Summer, I went with a girl named Tara, whom called herself Lina. There was a lot of role-play involved, and this lasted for quite a while. There were a lot of fights, which caused problems. This relationship ended in a bad way, with us not talking to each other at all.

Circa mid-July, I started to talk to a girl named Rekka Riley, whom went to Canyon Park Junior high. We were in a relationship and went on several dates. The whole thing here ended on August 15, 2004 at a swim meet. There was a fight over attention and things to talk about, and I left. Next time I talked to her, I found out she hated me, which continues to this day.

Well, since school started up again, it's not as bad as it used to be, but being single really isn't all that good.

The End

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