Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Dream: September 20-21, 2004

I got much more sleep than usual, last night. It was because I went to bed around 8:30 PM. I also had this dream...

Dream: September 20-21, 2004

It all started at a version of Bothell high school that was pretty much built-into a mall. We had to get there from the mall mail atrium every day. It just repeated every ay without an actual school day or us getting home.

One day, I was hanging by the mini water log ride when I saw people heading to the school. I walked over to there, but as soon as 2 other guys and myself walked into the main door, we were somewhere else. It was a box the size of an elevator, but it was like a video game. Almost alien-like. We played in there for quite a while, having so much fun. Then, I hit a release lever on the outside of the box, and it slid down the face of the building until we were on the bottom floor. We stepped out, then noticed that it was just an escape elevator.

We went in to pay our fine of $2.00 to get into the school late, which was nothing like real life, then went to talk to the principal. This guy was in a huge black room with giant TV screens. He had various video games going, and then a giant version of Pac-man game floated in air, covering the entire volume of the room in one part. It was amazing. The principal then said we saw what we did because we were video game addicts.

Transition to the night...

A female accomplice and I were in the same building, but it was no longer a school. It was an office building. We went to our boss' quarters across the road, but never ended up entering. We decided that we'd go off to Maine, which was just North of here. We went to the train station within walking distance, and snuck onto one of the main cars. The guard tried to stop us, but we pushed him aside. The entire train was filled with people in the army, which we fought through for quite a while as the train went. When we finally reached the sleeping car, we found an empty berth and cuddled until we fell asleep.

Transition to "Maine" and the day...

We got off of the train, and I was carrying a trombone case out of nowhere. This one guy said that it was $20.00 if we brought an instrument on the train, but i showed him that my trombone case didn't have an instrument in it. The woman that was with me had a clarinet in her case, so she paid. The area was like a right forest, oddly enough. We wandered out to a town on a hill, which was like a rural town. We walked up the streets until we reached a Bothell junior high. It was kind of like those Japanese junior highs you'd see in a manga. The same guy from before demanded that I paid, so I gave him a $20.00. When I looked in my wallet, I saw that I had strange money like $15.00s and $25.00s. All I said was that I still had a lot of money left. The women and I walked into the main gate of the junior high, and to the left we saw many tiny penguins playing miniaturized instruments. The only one playing a full-size one was this one with a clarinet. The girl and I sat in back, and out of nowhere I pulled out a 5-valved euphonium. The 5th valve was a little finicky, but I was able to work it. The instructor said that I had a millennium model. The dream then ended with us playing a song that I had claimed to play before, but actually never did in real life...

I don’t know who any of those people were, or remember their faces. It’s just like many of my dreams.

I ended up waking up around 5:15 AM, when my mom woke me. I took a shower, since I didn't last night.

Until Later,


じゃあ また,



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