Saturday, September 18, 2004

First Entry

Welcome to my Life

This is my first blog here at Blogspot, but I am experienced with this type of thing. I have had a ModBlog for quite a while, and a Xanga for less time. Due to the fact that these blogs didn't support the strict XHTML standard, I decided to come here on a friend's advice. So far, I have created my own thing here.

I guess if you want to hear much about me, you can read this exerpt from another blog of mine:

ケンジイ ムヤモト
Lain Avatar

Well, this page isn't really meant to be a full LiveJournal, but a pass to view the journals of friends. It is written in XHTML 1.0, a new, strict standard of HTML. Everything is done with CSS.

I guess I should tell a little about myself, since it's the polite thing in this case. My name is Neil, yet I generally go by Kenjii online. I have black-brown hair and dark eyes, along with glasses. I am 181.61 cm tall, and weigh 81.64 kg. Conventionally, most people would follow the U.S. Imperial measurement system, but I believe that Metric is much more efficient. My interests include many things to do with computers, such as HTML, C programming, graphic design, chatting, and few other activities. Also, I enjoy arts such as writing and drawing. In some cases, I have been known to like a few sports, but none in particular. My music generally revolves around forms of rock, including Japanese Pop.

As far as my personality, I am bipolar. Nearly all of the time, I am happy and somewhat hyper. I can be a little unsure, too. My sad times last a very short time, so they don't bother me too much. My music generally helps with it, anyway. I can be embarrassed fairly easily, but I don't show it. I haven't had much in the way of relationships, so I'm a little inexperienced there. Overall, I can either be a socially mature or immature person at times. Over time, I have made a few enemies, whom shall remain nameless.

If you would like to visit a few sites I have up, here's a list:

This is a site I have written myself from scratch. There is a new and an old part at the index. Initally, the new part used code that IE, being incomplient to standards, didn't support. I fixed this, eventually.
Kenjii Modblog
This is my most updated online journal. If you want to read up on my life, here is where you need to go.
X_Reality's Xanga Site
This is my secondary site. Due to it supporting more HTML, you'll se a few more things there as far as per post.
E-mail me here, isn't it obvious?
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Until Later,


じゃあ また,



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