Wednesday, September 22, 2004

September 22, 2004

Well, my day started off well, but then turned to hell after the sun set.

The only thing noteworthy before marching band was my visit to my friend's house. I walked to there, which was about a mile. He showed me his dog and some things of his past. It was cool to hear about how the trees in his backyard came to be. He even cloned come by breaking off a branch, soaking it in water for a week, and planting it. He also showed me this cool curling game on his computer. He finally got me to understand the concept. Then, we went out to my junior friend, who came back to the house. There were some jokes involving feelings between the two, which were good. The sophomore one's face is easy to turn red with embarrassment.

At marching band came, my "friend" pretty much turned against me. He keeps saying the swim meet incident was all my fault. Now, for the good of everybody, I'll tell of the happenings.

The date before the actual meet, my ex was paying more attention to her friend than the movie or me, and the time before when we went out, she paid more attention to her friends.

After we entered the pool and sat down, we got moved to another place, the we being her family and myself. She sat beside me, and due to the fact that I was feeling left out, I got out my iPod Mini. I told her that she wasn’t paying attention to me, which was proven in past experiences. I put my ear bud back in, which I know was my first mistake. Soon after then, when I started to discuss it with her, she said that I couldn't come up with anything to talk about and I wouldn't stop listening to my music. Well, I had no ideas on what to talk about, so I asked why I was there. She then said I could leave if I wanted to, which was her mistake. My biggest folly was actually taking her up on the offer.

I do know that this is mostly my fault, and I accept it. I also should stop talking about her to other people, but sometimes others ask me about her, or mention her. I need to learn to shut up and deal with it. Also, I should've toughed out the swim meet, so I wouldn't seem so callous. If only she know that music was my medicine for my depression and suicidal thoughts. Well, she was another part of it, but taking both at the same time is a bad idea. If I ever get another girlfriend, I won't bring my iPod along unless it's for her to listen to.

That's about it. I will never talk to my former friend again, unless it's required.

Until Later,


じゃあ また,



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