Thursday, September 23, 2004

September 23, 2004

Thanks to my past few days of my venting off of depression, I'm feeling pretty good now. I guess it was a good thing for me to be excessively sad.

We learned some Japanese phrases today, such as すみません(sumimasen), どういたしまして(douitashimashite), and しつれいします(shitsureishimasu). It was pretty cool, since I easily memorized most of these. The next step is to incorperate these into my normas speaking.

At lunch today, I sat with the same people as usual. One of my junior friends told me that if he fed his dog a cubic centimeter of cheese and some milk, she'd fart so badly that you could see the cloud. Also flies would die. My only real sophomore friend and I joked a lot about it on our way to our classes after lunch.

This one kid from Skyview was walking around with his H/PC PDA turning the TVs on. It was pretty funny. When math finally started, we did our normal working routine. Of course, the sophomore table goofed off a little. I've become more reserved in math, as well as more helpful. I helped my other sophomore friend with memorizing Hiragana and some phrases in Japanese.

When I got home, I found out that our 1999 Honda Odyssey EX died. My mom said it was because the battery ran out. I volunteered to run down to QFC if we ever needed anything, due to the fact I needed to get the exercise. So I walked to QFC. On the way, I saw my old bus driver that took me to and from Skyview Junior High every day. I waved to him, then crossed the street as the pedestrian sign displayed the walking symbol. I had a little trouble with the Self Check out kiosk, but I figured it out. I brought home 1.5 gallons of milk.

Later on, my mom and I both found ourselves to be sick. Since we both had sore throats, we went downstairs, made green tea, and turned on the radio to talk some. I enjoyed it.

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