Friday, September 24, 2004

September 24, 2004

Today was pretty average. Nothing really big happened.

Before school, I picked up my Sophomore T-shirt, then asked about the school photos. Sadly, I was unable to obtain an answer. I went down to the cafeteria, where everyone said to go, but found nothing. I gave up and went to first period. Later on in the day, I found out that it really was in the cafeteria, and got the pictures.

In my advanced Physics class, my teacher made us figure out the inverse of a g/cm3 graph. Obviously, it was the inverse of the density. Since it didn't have a name, we called it the Monkey Number. My only good friend from that class made jokes about it all day. It was hilarious. Now, someone in the class didn't like that number, so he wanted to change it. he came out with something like ABCEDIF, and we all opposed it.

Monkey = 1/Density

My junior friend had A lunch today, so she sat with us. She commented on one of my friend's wearing baggy pants. He said that most of them don't have a tight enough butt, so the two of us tormented him throughout the rest of the day.

In band, we finally got our shirts and shoes. It was pretty cool, since we had half of our class period free. We joked, especially about The Monkey Number. I wore my shirt home, to display my band geekiness.

My two friends that rode my bus sat together, leaving me alone. At least I got one of their violins. I joked about holding it hostage, but eventually gave it to them.

I spent my time as usual on a Friday night, lazing about. I had homemade bake macaroni and cheese, which tasted good, yet the texture is a little off. I did some online chatting, as per usual.

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