Saturday, September 25, 2004

September 25, 2004

I lost my Kanji Dictionary today, which was a real pain. My parents said they'd get me a new one, since they didn't buy the first. Fortunately, I found this really nice indexed Online Kanji Dictionary. I was able to learn a new name I made up for myself, 龍の力(Ryuunochikaru), which means "Dragon of Strength". I'll be using it for online role-playing, only. On the note of role-playing, I took the form of a wolf and joined the Frost Wolf Pack. Just after i joined, there were some problems. I also found the Kanji for my name on here, 建治(けんじ).

Due to our car being dead, I had to walk down to the grocer's to get another bit of milk. My mom let me keep the change, due to how convenient it made it for her to not have to walk all of this way. I bought some gum, which wasn't a good idea, since I'll get in trouble, but it's worth it. I almost decided to go to Arby's, but I wanted to keep all of the change from getting groceries. Oddly enough, I saw some girls from school working at the store.

For much of the afternoon, I talked to this girl from Nevada, over the internet. She's really nice and loving, which kind of makes me glad to revert to online activity.

I saw the very last episode of Inuyasha that'll be shown on TV, which was very inconclusive. Although, it pretty much shows that Kagome and Inuyasha are a couple. I can't wait until the fourth movie.

Click an image link below to see a preview.

Bright Tessaiga

Inuyasha preparing for the Kongousouha.


Kagura talking to Sesshoumaru, who seems like she likes him.


Inuyasha's most powerful attack, ready.


Inuyasha being turned demon by the Shikon shard inserted in his Tessaiga.

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