Saturday, October 30, 2004

Early October 30, 2004

My night was decent. Instead of actually going to Denny's, I just slept. It was for the best, anyway. I ended up getting around 11 hours of sleep.

I had a dream about being in some seaside market type thing. I was rather friendly with the girls there, which I knew from school. The dream got me to thinking, "Where is my current relationship going?" It feels like there's something missing in it, but I don't know what. I'll keep going with it, to see if I can see what's bothering me.

When I first woke up, I booted up my computer and worked on setting up my iPod. It took a while, since I messed up a couple times. It works perfectly, now.

I've decided to go eat breakfast at Denny's with my dad, due to one of the breakfast meals sounding appetizing to me. I had to have him tie my shoes, due to my thumb being incapacitated for a while. When we went there, we talked a bit. The discussion wandered between the inconvenience of PDAs, how to live life, and various codecs.

When I got home, I've started looking for songs by Evanescence. I think I'll probably end up borrowing my friend's CD. I've finally figured out the problem with those audio files that were extracted from the video. They were MP3, but the extension was WAV. iTunes was having trouble with that.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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