Saturday, October 02, 2004

Late October 1, 2004: Game

Bothell vs. Garfield, Bothell 47-6

It all started off with the usual manner, getting to the band room around 5:45 PM. We had to get our pants marked off for the glow sticks, then we warmed up a little.

After we piled into the busses, we rode the short ride down to the field. Our Senior Drum Major gave then a speech for the first bus, and someone asked her to tell about the wonderful job we did. We all then got off the busses as we arrived.

The normal warm-up with two scales was played when we lined up. After this was done, we marched in via a drum cadence and lined up in front of the stands. Next, the fight song, On, Wisconsin! was played with the repeat. As per usual, we just went into the band section and sat down.

We played a few songs through the first two quarters, which were very enjoyable. Since I had a sore throat, I really needed a drink, and so did the other person in my section. I asked this one familiar-looking girl if I had met her, and we exchanged glances throughout the rest of the game. Also, the trumpets played Happy Birthday for a couple of cheerleaders.

In preparation for the Half-Time show, we had to get glow sticks taped to our pants. There was a lot of trouble with my squad leader and it, so I had to go down to the Junior Drum Major to get the right glow stick fixed. The drums had thin glow sticks around the rum, as well as the sousaphones and mellophones around the bell. My section of two people wanted them, but we decided not to ask our band director.

We then warmed up a little again behind the field, and then lined up in our formations after the timer went off for halftime. We did terribly during the show. I've heard that some of the squads didn't pinwheel properly. The two sousaphone squads didn't drop until 8 beats after they were supposed to, but it was really messed up as they did. We played the songs decently, though. We're screwed on Monday.

For third quarter, I mainly went down to the concession stand and bout a slice of pizza and two Powerades. I ate them in the stands, then wandered down and talked to my sophomore friend. I saw many familiar faces, even if I didn't have a name associated with them. Sadly, I saw the girl again. One of the band members that had a breathing problem fainted then, and had to get medical attention. She wound up only having to go home.

We played several songs at the end as the audience left. After we played a few and our director said it was time to go, we begged for another song, and got to play it. We left the stands in a normal manner and put all of our instruments on the bus to ride back to Bothell

I took all of my stuff and put my instrument away and got a ride away from the school.

The drive wasn't rather friendly, but I deserved it. The only way to fix this problem is to listen to my parents more.

Party at Denny's

When I got there, I saw a couple of friends talking over at one of their parent's cars. We then walked in and waited for the area to be set up and the rest of the people to come. I was still in my marching band uniform, too. Several people came, and we all went back to the area.

One of my friends apparently had experience coding HTML, as I do. We tried to explain how it works to my other friend, which is in my section. It took a while, and the other guy and I got into various attributes of HTML, JavaScript, XHTML, XML, CSS, and various C programming languages. There was a little discussion about the computers themselves, too. When the food and drinks started to come out, I got to them fairly early, so I got my mozzarella sticks and root beer without waiting too long. Everyone else eventually got their food, which was good. During the entire time, this one loud trombone player kept laying down everywhere, half-sleeping. After a long while I had to go.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Denny's party, as always. I hope to go every time when it's on a Friday night.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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