Saturday, October 30, 2004

Late October 30, 2004: Party

Since it was a costume party, I had decided to wear something a little different: An actual kimono, a headband with kanji, and my sword.

Neil's Kimono and Sword
Party At Vicky's

The party started off early for me, since I got there before anyone else had. Vicky and I talked a bit, but just over a few things.

When a few more people arrived, the fun started. Although, I hadn't even met one of them. The guy, who generally makes everyone laugh with light insults, started his usual routine. We were all in stitches. Eventually, it got to a point where the girls were shooting fake arrows at him. The advantage shifted from time to time. Eventually, I got to laying down and tuning everything out.

My friend finally came, and things started for a turn to the worse. She sat on my shins, since I was taking up the inter couch. She tried very hard to make me laugh with various jokes, but only a couple worked. She knew that I was hurting, and Vicky kind of came to my side as I said a few things.

Later on, I went and told my friend what was bothering me about my relationship, and then I sat down in another chair. She told Vicky, which took a while. While this happened, the guy tried to help me, which didn't open my eyes until later. Later on, we talked about how our society has gone to pot. The basic hunting life is what we need to be. Later on, we then talked about computer and video game revolutions, which weren’t as great as they've seemed. What Vicky said was relayed to me. I am unable to put it into words, but I do know the problem.

I sat in a chair, and my friend sat in another. Everyone gathered around her, trying to help her problem. While this was happening, Vicky and I got kind of close, and discussed a few things. I then dropped out of my chair and sat closely beside her.

After the talk was finished, a bit of slow dancing started. One of the girls and the guy started, then Vicky and I. Eventually, the dancing ended with the guy acting out a little. The party went on with me sitting upon the couch and Vicky upon my lap. There were a few pictures, and such. The guy and girl went back to dancing for a long time, while my friend talked about her depression.

The party started to close as people had to leave. When the guy left, the girl was somewhat spaced out, and I believe I know the reason. She then had to leave. Soon after, I had to leave. It ended with a quick kiss on the porch, and a ride home.

The party itself wasn't too bad. The girl that I didn't know too well was fairly silent. I yelled at my friend a bit of how she goes too far with psychoanalyzation, which had an adverse effect. My relationship is saved, since Vicky and I had agreed to share all of our problems. I didn't realize how great she really was until I was sad with her. I'm so happy to have someone as great as her.

When I got home, I just watched the video from the rainy day marching performance, then did nothing else important.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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