Friday, October 01, 2004

October 1, 2004

Today was just another boring day. Each class was 30 minutes long, due to a pep assembly.

At lunch, we had a little political discussion. It ended in someone thinking I smoked, due to the mention of a certain political party in Canada. I snapped at her, felling really offended, which got her to crying, eventually.

Right before band, the trombone playing kid I knew and I got into a face. I accidentally bumped his case. The director straightened us out with ease.

In school today, there was an assembly. It started off for me in the band room, where we all prepared to get out and march around school. First, we went to the Student Center and lined up. We marched through the halls, playing
On, Wisconsin! and Mighty Oregon. We ended up in 4 rows standing of the middle of the gym, then played some more. We all turned to face the director when it got to the point where we needed to play Star Spangled Banner. We then set our instruments behind the bleachers and piled in. I stood by the exit door, since there weren't too many places to sit. There was an interesting skit about how my school progressed through the years, and it even went back, jokingly of course, to the Stone Age. It included a “Time Machine” golf kart. Next, Homecoming Royalty was announced. Soon after, around 1:20 PM, it was over. We took our instruments back to the band room, and had quite a while until school ended. I talked to a few friends, especially the euphonium playing one.

After I got on the bus, my sophomore friend and I talked on the bus about history. There was a little interesting chat on the evolution of firearms, too.

There's the Homecoming football game later today, and I'll be performing in it. Expect a post on here much later on here about it.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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