Wednesday, October 13, 2004

October 12-13, 2004

October 13, 2004

Currently, I am very tired from marching band.

Before school, I almost was afraid of going to class, since I hang out with my friends every morning. I told one of them that my sophomore friend told be about the one I told's problems. She got very mad, which wasn't good.

In physics, we did a very basic lab that had to do with motion detectors and MacMotion. My friend and I had a pretty good time playing with the foam and software.

In Japanese, I got moved away from the senior I used to sit next to. We had so much fun with 'おむつ' and 'ミートボール'. I'll miss those good times. After class, we talked a bit, and he's a little upset by the seating change, as well. You always make good friends with the person sitting beside you.

In P.E., we took a survey, then the actual test. It was pretty easy, and I got to listen to my music while doing it.

In English, we started work on our essay about Of Mice and Men. Obviously, I did my brainstorming on my Axim, but I also listened to music on it. It's a nice little thing I have, indeed.

During lunch, while Vicky and I wandered about the school, we ran into a friend of mine, that told them about Vicky. One of them said I was a 'player', and then we got into a light argument of how crazy Skyview was. I also talked to some half-friends I knew from the school.

Math was pretty average. Although, one of our members at the table slowed the rest of us down. It was okay, since I got some of my Friday homework worked on.

My site finally went online:

Marching Band

Marching band started off as usual. We started by working on our four new songs. I'm doing much better on sightreading Bass Clef than I ever was on Treble.

We went up to the field, and did quite a bit of work. We marched through everything several times. At least my squad is pretty cool.

When break finally came, we got our usual cookies and things. I talked over with my friend in my section about various things. One thing I especially found out was that another 'friend' of mine is bringing out his anger and violence problems. I also let him listen to a bit of my Japanese music, and he wants a CD of the rock-style ones.

We had to get tested on our run-through of the routine, thrice! Every line did it on its own, so there was a big waiting period. Our squad went through a few parts, and had a few laughs. Overall, it was pretty good. My 'friend' ended up sitting out for much of the time.

October 12, 2004

Sorry if this seems incomplete, but I can't remember too much from this day.

I spent lunch with Vicky after I finished eating with my usual crowd. We wandered around the school and talked about various things.

I went to bead early, at 10 PM. I also slept in an extra half-hour in the morning, so I actually got 8 hours of sleep. I felt pretty good the next day.

I did a run, but I gave up on running for school. I'm just not in the physical condition to do that. I came home in a terrible mood, and wasn't very nice to anyone.

Never take anything for granted. If you had fun with it, you'll miss it quite a bit when you don't have it. Never forget this.

じゃあ また,

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じゃあ また,



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