Thursday, October 14, 2004

October 14, 2004

Today wasn't anything special, just like usual.

I learned a few more Kanji today, along with their stroke orders. A good example is ()べる, which means "To eat". I can say 「私たちはミートボールを食べます。」 It says "We eat meatballs."

During lunch, I left the group early to see that one of my friends had already gotten to Vicky, and was torturing her. Still, we had a few good laughs, and met up with the girls from yesterday.

On the bus ride home, my normal friend sat next to me, instead of my sophomore friend. we had an interesting conversation involving the 'stalker' from before and her phone number.

Music Videos

I've finished downloading about 2 GB of Japanese music videos tonight. Apparently, I'm more interested in Japanese Pop Culture than I am in anime, now.

"(おわ)()(ゆめ)" - Aikawa Nanase
This video was very strange. It was about a very creepy dream, and Nanase had claws! There were skeletons and other things, too. I guess the "Endless Dream" is more of a nightmare than anything. The music, which I have grown to love, doesn't suit it at all.
"Change the World" - V6
This music video was just like what you'd expect from an American boy band for the most part, except the entire stage was nearly white. When they weren't dancing, they were lounging about and bowling!
"Dear My Friend" - Every Little Thing
This video started off in a desert oddly enough. There were little snippets of the actual recording studio as it went. The song itself was about a theoretical relationship with a good friend, and hoping to find a best friend. There were a few shots of the singer with several children, as well. Very strangely, the theoretical relationship is being treated as if it were real.
"Pure Snow" - Yuuko Sasaki
Oddly enough, this video isn't in time with the MP3 I have of the song. Also, the tone of her voice is very different. It takes place on a dark stage, with small lights that eventually light up. Spotlights eventually make the stage marginally bright. The song is about meeting someone whom she grew to love during the Winter.
"Shapes of Love" - Every Little Thing
The artist and band are in a bright green, large polygonal room, which I guess is the recording studio. Later on, there are some animated gradient effects and good camera angles. During the entire time, you can see the band playing. This song is about a crush turning into a deep love, and how love is unpredictable.
"Round Dance Revolution" - Masami Okui
This song takes place in a large city, which it says is New York. Her voice is nice, as usual, with very strong accents. There are snippets in the recording studio, but much of the scenes return to the subway. This song is apparently about her life and memories with another one. She also wears these strange round, purple sunglasses.
"(ふか)(もり)" - Do As Infinity
This starts at the very beginning with one of those rotary swings, oddly enough. There are a few scenes from forests, but other ones focus on some regal palace, going down the halls. You can see the guitar player out in the courtyard when they focus on him. Strangely, it uses "(ぼく)たち" as "we", which isn't correct.
"My Will" - Dream
This starts in a place with a cemetery-type atmosphere, but there are giant eggs in the ground. The entire thing is like a dream, almost. There are odd rippling and glassy effects, too. When it exits the dream stage, it goes into a clearing in the forest, where the three singers dance. It does return to the dreamy atmosphere from the open atmosphere. This song is fairly sad, but presented in a strangely happy way.
"Dearest" - Ayumi Hamasaki
It starts off with heavy rain outside, and a board-meeting inside of a hotel. There are guards by the doors. Instantly, there are flashes to a wind farm. Apparently, the singer is famous in this song, and wants to rid of the lifestyle. She wants the simple, non-glamorous life. She puts on normal clothes, and then runs out into the world. Everyone freezes, and a girl gives her some jellybeans as a gesture of friendship. Everyone then looks at her, and then her guards and others start to chase her through the mall, through crowds. She's then shown on the wind farm, singing. This song is presented in a very sad way.

These can beat anime music videos any day, especially since these aren't even an eighth of the total amount I have.

じゃあ また,

建治 宮元Tux

じゃあ また,



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