Friday, October 15, 2004

October 15, 2004

In Physics, we just continued the same lab, and made considerable progress.

In Japanese, we didn't learn too much. Although, I found out that is both ひと and じん.

I ran the entire way in PE today, and got 27:14, which was my best time yet. I already have four personal bests, though. I put an orange PowerAde in my backpack, yet I still ended up getting an orange Fanta after the run.

In English, I misread the assignment, so instead of my current brainstorm, I have to turn in my first draft as one. Good thing I finished it in class.

At lunch, I gave her the usual kiss on the cheek, and found out about her troubles with augmented matrices. After, I hung out with the usual crowd, but inside this time. My junior friend had A lunch, so she sat with us. Also, my girlfriend came up and sat with us. I didn't have a spoon, so I had to go up and get one from the cafeteria, which was a bit of a walk away. When I returned, I helped my friend with her math homework quite a bit.

We got new seats in math, so the sophomores I sat with are spread apart. I had some good times with them. To bad we won't be able to talk during class, anymore.

IN band, we went through the normal stuff, until the director had to work something out for the orchestra retreat. We got to pack up early, and stack the chairs. My friend in my section and I discussed some of his favorite anime, and he wanted a CD of anime music, which I will give to him on Monday.


Well, we were planning to ride her bus home, but since her math test ran long, she couldn't make it. Before she actually came, I talked quite a bit with my old friends from junior high. After a while, she came and the others had to go. She and I sat and talked until her mom finally came to drive us to her house.

On the drive home, we discussed my dream about the train trip and the tiny instrumental penguins. When we got there, I saw that she had a very nice house with a three-car garage.

When we got in, she and I both set down our backpacks and took off our shoes. I got introduced to her cats, which don't like me too much. One of them sniffed my finger, while the other one ran off. I had to call my mom, but after, we went up to her room.

She started to play the Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD. After she left and came back, we layed back, her head rested upon my chest. My fingers lightly stroked her cheek as we watched the movie. We laughed about some of the comments, and I made up some of my own. Eventually, our time together ended, and I left, my mom driving us home.

I found the time close to her to be so nice. I can't wait until next time. Has anyone noticed that I haven't said her name once in this entry?

じゃあ また,

建治 宮元Tux

じゃあ また,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

didnt have a spoon, huh?

October 16, 2004 at 9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTH? If my boyfriend were posting all of the details of our dates I would be super pissed...sure maybe "I went on a date with my gf last night" not all of the details of what we DID you freak.. I would kick your ass if you did that to me, not that I'd ever go out with a nerd like you.

October 26, 2004 at 4:13 AM  

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