Sunday, October 03, 2004

October 2, 2004: Sara's Party

Today was pretty average until the evening.

My euphonium lesson was very productive, since I finally got Back in Black completely done. Right after the lesson, I went and requested an exchange for a 4-valve euphonium, and I'm on the list. When i get approved, I'll get a call from the store.

My afternoon was nothing special. Just the usual online chatting and wasting time.

Party at Godfather's (Sara)

I walked down to the Godfather's in Canyon Park around 7:00 PM, but no one was there. I paced for a minute or two, then walked to the Albertson’s that was close by. I decided to get a drink there, so I went into the juices section. I picked out a Gatorade X-Factor. It tasted fairly odd, but I did drink the 32 oz. Then, I wandered back to the Godfather's, and my friend was entering the building. I waited in there as various people arrived. I gladly knew them all, too.

After everyone arrived, we all sat down. Some people had their own preferences, so when we decided what pizzas to order. After a while, everyone started to wander off. A few of the girls and I began to talk. Somehow, I hinted to my friend that I liked this girl. She acted as if she knew it, and asked her if she would consider dating me. When she said that she would, I was a little surprised. This event turned the entire night on a new course.

When the food finally came, we distributed it among each other, and each of us had the chance to get all of the pizza we wanted. I ended up having three slices, sadly. Also, I poured the last of my Gatorade into my drink, creating a strange mix. There was quite a bit of talk about mixing sodas, too. Some of us finished slower than others, but after a while, we had to go.

On the way up the hill, I helped keep the girl up to speed with the others, and jokingly guided her. It was fun, since I was close to her, too. When we got to the house, I ended up hugging her.

Party Time! (Sara)

We made our way into the basement/office. My friend's sister was in her Homecoming dress, and her date was there. Down in the basement, we started to do various things. My friend put a movie on, but no one watched it. Some people began to play pool, too. I had to go back upstairs, because my junior friend was going to make Italian sodas. I greeted her sister's date, and then told the mother that we needed half and half. When my sophomore friend tried to sing You Can Call me Al. I told him that I had the song, and he wanted to see if I was correct in correcting him. He was grooving! You don't see dancing like that every day. The person that was throwing the party, my junior friend, made a few Irish Cream Italian sodas for people, saying they tasted like coffee.

We talked quite a bit, and I gave extra attention to the girl, whom I recently found out was a senior. I then went to sit down beside her at the bar counter. The half and half came, so my friend made a few more sodas. After a little while, I decided to ask the girl out. She agreed to it, and we set a date for Friday. I asked her for her phone number, and will give mine to her when I call. Throughout the party, I held her hand(s) and hugged her a little.

After various activities that escape my memory, we all sat down to hear a story the father was going to tell. He started off by doing a cheap card trick with double-sided cards. The story itself was about cougars roaming about, but as it turned out, a tree did the father in. The mother then came in with the birthday cake, and we did the usual. Then, as one of the sophomores had to go, we all piled onto the couch for photos. In the first one, one of the guys laid across us, which was the Junior Drum Major from marching band. Next, we dragged another into the picture. Overall, this part was so funny!

There were a few photos taken, and I gave my e-mail address to the parents so I could get them. I still spent time with that girl, and got a photo of us. I kissed her cheek twice during this. Eventually, people started to have to go. When the girl did, I gave her a hug and returned to the others.

After everyone had left other than 5 people, the same trombone player from last night went onto the computer, and two others continued on with a long pool game. Eventually, the guy won. During the short break period between games, he nearly posted a really rude bit of political reasoning on an online forums sight under the other guy's name. He had to go, so then it was down to 4 people.

We started to have a semiserious discussion, which started with the end of another game of pool. Apparently, my friend was angry at this guy for winning by default. Anyway, this led to a serious discussion of fears and various other things. The guy said that the other girl's jacket smelled pretty, which made her act kind of scared. Obviously, she liked it, and my friend said that if he continued, she'd begin to like him. I crawled under the pool table with a couple pillows. I recall saying "Quack" to my friend, and we both burst into laughter. The very end of the discussion including me was the guy walking a tin man thing and calling him something a lie detector. I had to go home, then

Overall, the party was very enjoyable. I got a senior girlfriend and endless laughter. The entire night to me was to the tune of You Can Call me Al. I'd never trade my friends for anyone else, since they are such an interesting bunch. I ended up getting home around 12:30 AM.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



Blogger solandria said...

glad u had a fun time

October 3, 2004 at 9:43 PM  
Blogger ケンジイ ムヤモト said...

Who are you?

October 5, 2004 at 5:43 PM  

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