Friday, October 22, 2004

October 22, 2004: Game

As per usual, I left the morning scene early. Physics wasn't anything special, but we got to work a little on the weekend summary.

Japanese was unique. We had a Culture Points day, and I brought music in. There were various foodstuffs, but I mainly explained a couple of my songs. Due to the fact I was playing in the freshman assembly, I had to leave early. Since I didn't want the CD, I just left it for Misener-sensei. A kid from the class said that the person sitting next to him ran up to get the CD. This person had "long hair", as he said.

The assembly was fun. I got to play my favorite instrument of all, the euphonium. I did pretty well, too. Eventually, we had to go.

During P.E., we did medicine ball exercises. We also used the physio-balls. I found it most fun to dash and them and roll on them. When we did a bouncing exercise on them, I had a pretty good time, too. I've always had fun with things like those.

English was pretty average. We worked on our essays, mostly peer-editing them. I've been socializing a lot more within the class, too.

Lunch was pretty normal. I gave Vicky a little wave when I passed by, but didn't say a word. I mainly listened to my music as I walked.

Math class was pretty productive, thanks to my group. We're always so far ahead, for some reason.

Band was pretty good. We got a couple things ironed out and Kramer and I had a few fun chats. For a while, we did a strange word association, which I started with 'pork'. We also discussed a little euphonium power thing for the march. I'll be needing my shiny homephonium to do it, so it'll be making the journey to the game.

On the bus ride home, my friends and I made quite a few jokes. I expanded on my sophomore friend's 'bling', which was a zipper pull. The whole setup was for him to get a pink, spiky mohawk, then get a big, diamond-studded, platinum zipper pull with spinners. Then we went onto some ideas about him driving up in a new Corvette with all of the stuff, dressing gangsta and listening to music with huge bass.

I've started working on more Japanese:

日本人です。 年齢十五です。 高校せいです。わたしぶんいちにほんじんとしとしじゅごこうこうがく

It says, "I am 1/4 Japanese. I am 15 years old. I am a student of high school." Also:


This says, "There is a meatball on the chair." I've make quite a bit of progress since I've first started on the language. The Kanji helps marginally, too.

Bothell vs. Woodinville; BHS 20:0

It started at home. I wanted to bring my good euphonium, but my parents wouldn't let me. There was a huge argument between my mom and myself, and we compromised. She said that if I proved myself responsible, she'd let me bring it.

At the school, we warmed up the usual way. It wasn't really anything different than usual. On the bus, our only current Drum Major gave her usual speed.

When we got there, a slight commotion occurred when we got our instruments out. I had a bit of trouble putting it away, but I got it taken care of. We then lined up and did a little warm up.

We did the marching in via a cadence, then played the fight song. After getting into the stands, I noticed Vicky. I went down and talked to her and my friend for a very short while. Over the first and second period, we played our usual several songs. My section and I yelled insults and various other things at a certain mellophone player that sat in front of us. (You know who you are.)

The halftime show was somewhat bad. Due to the heavy rains, we had to go put on our ponchos. Also, the woodwinds couldn't play, because it'd ruin their instruments. We didn't even get a chance to warm up before we went onto the concrete. Sadly, my euphonium filled with rain, so it sounded really choppy. The actual show wasn't too bad. I was almost perfect, due to my inability to play. We played Superman Theme in the '05' position, then played Shout it Out from our concert positions. My section and I had a 'euphonium power' thing where we'd run out holding our instruments high. We did it, but not in synchronization. The 'B' formation was decent. By that time, my hands were so cold that I could barely move them. The seniors did their showing-off thing. During the fight song, we proceeded back to the stands.

I hugged Vicky and my friend. I also got her really wet with my soaking uniform. I apologized for my being so distant from her, which set things off a little better. I said my goodbyes, after hugging her again. After that, I got some pizza and ate it up in the stands, in the trumpet area.

We did the normal show-ending stuff. My section got his hand on a balloon, and played around with it in his euphonium. After a while, the game ended. Bothell won by a fairly large amount. I walked Vicky out to the busses, my arm wrapped around her. Since she was going with someone else, I had to say bye. "Love ya," accidentally slipped out. I don't know if it was bad, or if she heard, but I think saying that so early on isn't too good.

The busride was decent. Due to to the fact that there being no more room underneath, I had to sit beside my case. When we did get back, I dashed to my dad's car.

Denny's Party

I had to quickly change at home, so I could get to Denny's as quickly as possible. I found out later that this rush was unnecessary.

When I did get there, a few good friends were there, including my junior one. We all got in and ordered. There was a long talk about various pointless things. I also think that an old friend of mine may have been hitting on her. I gave her fair warning, which he didn't seem to appreciate. The discussion was long, and some of us got our food. At some point, I started to feel somewhat depressed, and my body language showed it. My friend started a discussion on it, oddly including science versus religion. Eventually, I started getting ignored, so I just left them. I left my money for the total, then left the restaurant. I got a ride home.

I still don't feel too happy right now. I guess tonight is just an off-night for me.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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