Tuesday, October 26, 2004

October 25-26, 2004

October 26, 2004

Today was pretty sad, since I've gotten a few things stolen from me.

Before school, it was pretty decent. It wasn't anything special, though. I don't know how I'll keep myself happy, anymore. My music was my only source of true joy. My suicidal tendencies will probably worsen.

Right as I began to change back into my normal clothes after P.E., I've noticed that my Axim and iPod were gone, which is around $500 total value. I was hurt at that moment, but I slowly got over it.

During English, as everyone else was watching the movie, I went down to the office and talked to the police officer. There on the lookout for my stuff, apparently.

At lunch, I started off sitting with Vicky, until her and her friend started to talk. Since I had better places to go, I went up with my friends. After I finished eating, I walked about until I found Vicky, then didn't do much else.

We had a sub during band, so our tuba player taught the class, which was pretty funny.

After school, I decided not to run, since I was so stressed out. When I got home, I practiced trombone for a very long time, multiple times. I've gotten pretty good, with my "slide positions equaling valve fingerings" technique. Also, I've been looking around, and have found the fabulous Dell Axim X50v, with it's full VGA screen. I've also taken a look at the fairly good PalmOne Tungsten T5. The Axim seems most appealing, while the T5 is an alternative.

October 25, 2004

I don't remember too much today, but I'll try to tell what I do.

I've finally passed a run! I got a time of 25<59 minutes, so I'm good to go.

In English, we're starting to watch theOf Mice and Men DVD. It's pretty good, but different from what I've expected. We're supposed to point out thi differences after we're done.

I've started trombone! I really like the instrument, and find it to not be so hard. I use the same mouthpiece as my euphonium.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, running (or any other form of excercise) relieves stress, so run when you're stressed

October 26, 2004 at 9:52 PM  
Blogger ケンジイ ムヤモト said...

Running makes me want to run away from home.

October 27, 2004 at 2:32 PM  

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