Wednesday, October 27, 2004

October 27, 2004

The days keep getting worse and worse:

  1. I got way too much homework.
  2. I got in a small fight with the kid that sits next to me.
  3. I nearly forgot my Japanese homework.
  4. I got in an argument at lunch and kind of overreacted.
  5. I failed in a small quest.
  6. I had to sit next to a demeaning idiot on the bus.
  7. My friend left me.
  8. I chapped and busted my chops.
  9. I froze myself outside during band practice.
  10. I got in an argument with my parents
  11. I had no music.

I really don't want to live anymore, but I don't see an easy way to die. Although, it'd help a lot of people if I did.

I've finally finished learning Katakana today, including all of the glides. A few of the characters still elude me.I got in a pretty bad fight in Japanese with the kid that sits next to me. We never really got along. I wish I still sat next to the senior guy. He was cool.

We finished the movie, but had to write a 3/4-page entry about the differences between it and the book.

I got in an argument with a girl. Apparently, there was this one guy that smoked before class that sits beside her, and she is irritated. We argued about solutions, but I ultimately won.

During math, we were about to play 'Jeopardy', but the computer wasn't functioning. Naturally, I assessed the situation, and found that the battery was dead. My teacher didn't have an AC adapter, so I had to go to the library. sadly, there wasn't one there.

I nearly forgot much of my homework, so I had to jot it down. Later on, I found my old daily calendar, so I can write out everything until December 21, 2004.

Marching Band

Practice started off as normal, by learning new pictures. Later on, I've found out that my friend hated me. I was just throwing his own insults back at him, and he couldn't take it. We went through them for a while, then ran the entire routine. My hands were so cold!

During the break, I basically stared at the forming Lunar Eclipse. It was pretty cool. I also talked a bit with this one girl, and shared the strange thing about my ears. When I hear something behind me, they actually move backwards.

For the last part, it was so cold. My fingers could barely move. Also, my lips got busted pretty badly.

I had some hot chocolate and started to talk to my parents about the situation. We got into an argument and I stormed out. I wish my dad would be a little nicer. I feel like he thinks everything I do is wrong. I really need my music to relieve stress...

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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