Thursday, October 28, 2004

October 28, 2004

Today wasn't as bad as yesterday. I kind of attribute it to a Pagan thing that someone told me would help with my life. It just cursed me, until I rid of it. Now, It's all good.

We've started a new lab in Physics, based on motion. It sure seems like it's based on motion.

in Japanese, we continued to watch that video. It was pretty funny, too.

Right after Japanese, there was an earthquake drill, in which we all went up to the track. I talked to a few girls casually, which shows that I am becoming more mature. I also said to the senior that sits next to me, "The おむつ is with you." It's a statement that we've made standard with each other.

P.E. wasn't anything special, except that my usual partner came back. I kind of messed up on the charts, but it wasn't an issue. Also, I bought a new keyed lock, and I’m going to keep the key in my sock, so I won't lose it.

Is English, we've started a project about a book. I've chosen a book by my favorite author, Michael Crichton. The book is called The Terminal Man. So far, I've enjoyed the book. I can't wait until I finish the paper, which is due the day before Christmas break. I originally wanted to do Prey, but I've already read that.

Lunch was pretty over. My junior friend had lunch with us, since her teacher was in a meeting. One of the girls that sit with us got all huffy about me insulting her, when she insults everything I say. Her friend tried to defend her, but ended up just telling me to deal with what has happened to me through my years of school. My friend, who is very good with psychology, said that this was a very bad thing to say. I disappeared as they argued.

Math was pretty average. We played a form of Jeopardy, which I wrote in Katakana (Since I've finally mastered it) ギオパリ. It went fairly well. Our group won, and I only missed one problem.

During band, we spent the first half of class getting our パンツ(pants) for our new uniforms. Then, we practiced through our songs.

When I got home, I took a short break before starting our homework. I had to leave, though.


I went to Sears to get my eyes examined. The optometrist was pretty friendly, and didn't even work for the company. After a while, I found out that my close and far distance sight varies. I'll have to get progressive lenses. I've picked out rounder, stainless steel frames.

After the actual optometrist appointment, my dad and I went into the entertainment section to look at various equipment. We talked quite a bit about the HDTVs. Also, one of the sales guys and I got into a bit of a discussion about various things. I love being the informed consumer

I didn't eat much dinner, and finished my homework. I've also been reading this cool web comic called "Antihero for Hire".

I did an entry tonight due to my big day, in which I will be in school for nearly 11 hours. I'm also going to bed earlier than usual. Wish me luck!

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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