Friday, October 29, 2004

October 29, 2004

Well, today sucked much worse than usual. I got my thumb cut, missed band practice, and had a kid tell me to go kill myself.

The day started off fairly well, when I went to Jazz band. I didn't do so well on the trombone, but I know that this problem of mine can only be fixed with practice.

I was nearly late to first period, due to Jazz. We had an old guy named Mr. Stan substitute for the normal teacher.

During Japanese, we watched an army guy present about world languages. I wrote down fake info on the card, as a joke. Also, the senior guy and I laughed a little about various things.

P.E. was the normal easy day. We first did push-ups, then pacers. After that, we talked about Halloween, which drifted into spud cannons, etc.

English wasn't really anything. We wrote a small note thing, then class was over.

During lunch, not much happened. Vicky came, and that was the only different thing.

In Math, my teacher couldn't even figure out my TI-89. Although, she let me use it on the test. I didn't even use any of the CAS-only functions.

In band, we just got our new jackets and talked about how the night would go. Then, we just hung out.

I went to Japanese club to do pumpkin carving, which didn't turn out so well. Some guys that claimed to hate me were there, which wasn't the issue. When I confronted my former 'friend', he told me to go kill myself. Even those other guys would never have said that. It really hurt, too. When I went back to carving, I cut into my thumb deeply.

I was walking franticly to the nurse's office, and she wasn't even there. The nice custodian helped cover up my cut, which was dripping with blood. Also, a guy from Japanese 300 near the main office dialed 911. The medic came, and said that I needed stitches. I went into the ambulance, and they looked at my arm. I gave them my personal info and waited for my mom. As I went back to get my stuff, I first got my backpack, then went to the band room to get my trombone. I said to that kid, "You got your wish." My mom finally came, and I was off to the clinic.

There was a rush to get there, even though we had to stop off at home. When I did get there, I checked in and waited. I got escorted in, and had to wait for longer, after the painful cleaning process. The stitches were especially painful. All 7 of them. I got Tylenol, then went home.

When I got home, I was in a hurry to get ready to go to band, since I wanted to go. Sadly, I couldn't find the lyre stand. Due to being denied the privilege of going, I broke down and cried. The last time, I can't go. I slinked upstairs, and my mom said that I could go to Denny's still. She also brought up a new click-wheel iPod, which made me somewhat happy.

This week has been total crap. I wish I could've just been stricken with a fatal illness, so I could just skip the week.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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