Saturday, November 20, 2004

Dream: Novermber 19-20, 2004

The first part I can remember starts off with a huge storm covering the area. Everyone rushed into the nearby building, which was on the crest of an incline. AN earthquake rumbled, causing the ground to start to wave around. I told everyone that we should run out of the building, fearing its collapse. We all dashed out.

I ran pretty far along the bank of the river, on a two-lane highway. Eventually, I tired and waited at a small area that reminded me of my high school. A large minivan drove up and parked. The people had to go, so they left me in charge of it. I managed to turn it into a thing that looked like a giant carpeted, flat cart. Before they came back, it looked as it did before. They drove away without me.

Oddly, this next segment looked like the children's show "PB&J Otter". The actual activities I can't remember, but it was like an episode of this.

Somehow, I ended up at my old church wit everyone that I've ever known. It was like some sort of graduation thing. It started off with a big show that included a few of my peers and myself. Sadly, I messed up. I then got out my Trombone and another kid got his French horn, and we played various things, on and off. I then put a trumpet mouthpiece in my trombone and blew, causing the slide to fly up to the ceiling. My band director said, "That'll cost 50 bucks." I retrieved the slide, and then played a bit more. For some reason, I put the Trumpet mouthpiece in another French horn and started to play. I was surprisingly good, which suggests that it was a Bb horn, since I know Bb fingerings.

The dream ended here.

じゃあ また,



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