Wednesday, November 17, 2004

November 16-17, 2004

I've been very busy over the past two nights.

November 17, 2004

Today, I spent a lot of time on my P.E. weight chart outside of school. It's written in XML, and is comprised of an XML file, an XSLT file, a DTD file, and a CSS file.

Before school, I talked a bit with a certain girl that I've been talking to for a few weeks. The conversation was pretty much nonexistant, since we've never talked face-to-face. Oddly enough, I know her back from junior high, since she went to Skyview.

Physics was just normal. I've notecide that we get very little homework in this class, yet I got quite a bit tonight.

Japanese was pretty laid back. A friend of mine in that class came to sit beside me and work on the activity packet stuff. After finishing, he stayed there, since his partner wasn't really working with him. Towards the end of the period, things just were as if it were resource. Voting was done on kindest student and student with most spirit. Obviously, I voted for my friend that has 4 classes with me, since he's a good guy. I also voted, jokingly, for a senior that was sitting in back for kindest. He didn't even have class with us. We got out five minutes early, fortunately.

I got to P.E. about 7 minutes or so early, since it was in the computer lab. Upon discovering that we could listen to music while working, I did the obvious. While doing as such, I started work on my XML-based weight-lifting chart. The biggest shortgcoming was that there was no text processor, so I used MS Word. Surprisingly, it worked just fine. I could type all of the code without interference. A few guys bothered me for a while, but I ignored them.

I barely did anything in English, since my part of the dreaded poster was finished. My partner finished his, and we completed it before class ended. The only real work I did was write up the notecard for our presentation. For the rest of the period, I discussed flaws in English with the substitute teacher and talked to friends.

At lunch, I ate alone in the old spot. No one was sitting where they used to, which my friend predicted. AFter finishing my food, I wandered about, aimlessly. I talked to a few people, only after leaving by backpack in the classroom.

Math was pretty interesting. We got new seats, which was interesting. It took a while to finalize everything, though. As per usual, my group finishe the investigation in one day.

In band, we talked about the fundraiser that's coming up. It involves some weird things with Sunday newspaper coupons. We only played music fr about 15 minutes.

I rode the bus home, sitting next to my friend. Quite a lot was bothering her, and she told me to read her poems to find out what. It didn't take much to see the meaning between the words.

At home, I did one physics assignment while watching some good TV, which took about 2 hours, for no real reason. I then completed my XML. With the code I will provide here, you'll get a glimpse of only one of the four files I've made for it:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="weight-chart-style.xsl" ?>
<!DOCTYPE chart SYSTEM "weight-chart-dtd.dtd">
<chart-title>Weight-Lifting Chart</chart-title>
<chart-data day="Monday">
<exercise title="Exercise">
<exercise title="Exercise">
November 16, 2004

Today was a very long and tiring day.

Jazz was average. Most of it was discussing performance in the Jazz festival, which we did decently in. Oddly enough, an alto sax player got an award for a trumpet solo that he never did. It was a joke for a very long time.

In P.E, I finally got back to weightlifting. On the bench press, I managed to get 90 lbs 4 times at what I thought was a 90% rep. It rally wasn't, but I got good exercise out of it.

In ENglish, we watched a movie about Shakespeare. I could've sworn that I saw this movie last year, in English/History. It was interesting to a very low degree, but enjoyable somewhat.

At lunch, I sat alone, which didn't bother me. Wandering around made up the rest of the time.

Due to the rain, I didn't run after school. The good part about that was that I could bring my trombone home to practice.

Once home, I started fairly early on the English poster. My focus was marginal at best, since I read up on the origin of the Floppy Disk, CD, recorder, clarinet, and saxophone. I ended up finishing around 10:30 PM, and became very exhausted due to the excess work.

じゃあ また,



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