Thursday, November 18, 2004

November 18, 2004

Today was pretty good at first, but ended up badly.

I did fairly well in Jazz band, but could stand improvement. Trombone is becoming so much fun to play, too.

Physics was decent for a while, but this one girl was being really annoying. Honestly, the fact she failed probably promoted that, at least in my opinion. It got me really angry, but my friend helped to calm me and get me back to work.

I have to say, Japanese was especially fun. After the easy test, we got to watch a movie. It was very good, since it was the same movie as last time. So much funny stuff. After class ended, we had resource. I just talked to this guy about anime and funny happenings for most of the time, then listened to music.

Weight lifting was tough in P.E, but I managed. My friend in that class apparently has a strained tendon in his left arm, so he'll have to only do one-armed lifts. my bandage for the thumb injury came off today, revealing a mostly healed cut into my skin. Of course, only the inner layer had healed.

Presentations were done in English, for the huge posters we did. I first noticed that my poster was especially large, due to my bad planning. My partner and I went fourth, and around eleven total presentations were gone through.

Lunch was fairly lonely for me. Sadly, the yogurt in my lunch popped, and I didn't want to touch anything in there. So, I got strawberry Fanta soda and two candy bars for lunch, due to the fact I only had $5. The soda tasted like strawberry Jell-O! The kid from Japanese said it was good, and I agreed. Vicky and I discussed over our relationship problems, and I made the bottom line clear. I also talked to my English substitute a bit, and helped out. IN my opinion, she's overworked. I also got a photo taken of a friend from Tajikistan and myself. The girl that took our picture went into the men’s' room to get pictures of her friends. It was pretty funny.

Math was so boring, since all we did was SAT preparation stuff.

Most of band was spent talking, but nowhere near as much as yesterday. I had fun playing as always, yet only improved marginally.

My afternoon was spent doing nothing important. I did a little bit of research and work on XML, trying to write this entry in it. Sadly, it wouldn't work. I also found out that the girl that I was going to the mall with tomorrow had a dentist appointment, which really hurt. Although, the evils of the world flew back into my mind, allowing full contemplation.I had a really good practice session on trombone and euphonium. It's so much fun! What really made my day was finally getting a live version of BUB into AAC form, so I'll have it on my iPod.

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