Friday, November 19, 2004

November 19, 2004

I suppose today went fairly well. Nothing bad happened.

Jazz was so much better than yesterday. I played much better than before, due to my night's long practice.

Only a test thing on the computer was done in Physics, which I scored fairly on.

Japanese was just people doing their oral tests. My partner and I did fairly well, but ours was a bit too short. One of the funniest involved insults. Also, another had "ゴジーラです。" Which was only funny for that instant.

The pacers in P.E. tired me out quite a bit, but the pushups were easy enough. Once the work was done, I talked to this one guy I've known of for a while. He apparently has extensive knowledge of computers, and we talked up a storm.

English was just reading, while I liked. I got 1/6 further through my book.

Lunch was a bit better than usual. My friend was there, but she quickly lost my attention. AS a drink, I got the strawberry Fanta again, since I liked it so much before.

We barely got any work done in Math, thanks to my group being easily distracted. They kept telling me to stay back with them, when they rarely did their work.

Band was a little boring, due to the fact that I can't participate in Solo and Ensemble. Before the actual date, I'll be out of Bothell high. I just practiced Jazz on trombone. Some people saw it as a bit strange that I did Jazz trombone, but I dismissed it.

I really would've preferred to listen to music on the way home, but I didn't. I just somewhat listened to my friend talk.

Once home, I just did normal online stuff for a while. I got to thinking:

This will explain what happened that one day. Once I get this off of my chest, it'll probably help me more than anything.

Previously, I went on a date to the movies. She talked to her friend a bit, which was rather rude for during a movie. It didn't really bother me, since the movie wasn't too good, anyway.

I got to the pool early, as I am always early to everything. Eventually, she came over and we chatted a bit. Introductions were done and such. Once in there, we sat by the pool, which wasn't allowed. We all moved to a new spot, where I listened to my iPod. I talked to her a bit and explained that I wanted more attention. I then went back to my music. When I went back to talk to her, she said that I needed to come up with things to talk about. (Honestly, I'm a boring person, so I'm not too good with this. I should've expected not to talk too much because of this.) She said that I could leave if I wanted to, and I took her up on the offer. I got a ride home, even after everyone said that I should've stayed.

Later on, I e-mailed her and got all aggressive, which got me in a bit of trouble. I stopped when I went too far, yet she still hates me.

I basically cut the wound, then threw salt into it repeatedly until it stung a bit too much. I really should've stopped much earlier.

All of the italics are things that should've either been done another way or not have been done at all. Nearly all of the mistakes are mine, but it's human nature. At least I learned from them.

Later on, I went off to the mall with my dad, where we first started to talk about the server setup. We then broke off. The first bit of my time was spent at Borders, reading MacWorld Plus, a very good Apple magazine. Once I finished that, I wandered about and went into the Apple store. I found out that I could get my Apple headphones replaced, but I don't think that I will. The Sennheisers are so much better. I went back to my dad and brother and walked with them, discussing various computer things with my dad. AS I walked with them, a couple of girls from school waved to me. I just returned a friendly smile and wave. Of course, I listened to my music the entire time. ON the way home, I got a vanilla shake, which was very good.

じゃあ また,



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