Thursday, November 04, 2004

November 4, 2004

My day started off very well, but ended up badly. During band, my section noticed how much happier I was.

OF course, I had Jazz band. I did fairly well, and it was somewhat fun.

Physics was okay, but I had to catch up due to my absence.

Japanese was pretty fun, since I got to work with one of my real friends. Sadly, it was cut short due to an assembly.

AT the assembly, I sat on the side. I used my backpack as a pillow and laid down, which kind of started a fad with the people around me. The assembly itself was boring, but at least they recognized their marching band. On the way out, I stopped and talked to Vicky for a while, before I had to go to P.E.

In P.E., we just did normal weight training. My friend called me 'girl man' due to my low capacity with one arm.

English wasn't anything to scream about, but I did get a pass to the psychologist. My junior friend's mother was concerned for me, and talked to him. I learned about various phrase structures and other things in the class. Right before lunch, I paid the psychologist a visit and he told me to see him after lunch.

Lunch was pretty good. Since no one was out front, I just went and ate with Vicky. We talked about plans for tomorrow. Later on, we went out front with our friends and sat down. She sat a little slanted on the steps, while I sat back with my back against her side. There were funny jokes about the Mexican Air Force and Navy.

I went in to see the psychologist after school. We discussed a few things and came to the transfer to Inglemoor solution. All that's left is to work it out completely.

Due to my group's speed, I didn't have to catch up on anything in Math. I just had to work on the usual stuff.

Band was good. Although, this one kid that was in my Confirmation class was a bit annoying. The director and the band discussed several things, including a bit on music theory.

The bus ride wasn't so fun. My junior friend said that most of the kids that I hang out with couldn’t stand me. Of course, her friend didn't stand up for me like she would've liked him to. So I'm stuck searching for a new group of friends, again. I don't know what I did to them, but I know that they aren't to be trusted anymore.

After school, I had to go get my stitches removed. While I waited, I let my mom listen to my slower Japanese music, and she liked it. The actual procedure was slightly painful, but nothing really to worry about. Sadly, it didn't heal completely, so I had to get this strange wrap thing.

After so much today, I'm back to square one. I'm suicidal and sad, all thanks to my good-for-nothing friends.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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