Saturday, November 06, 2004

November 5, 2004

My day today was much better than the last. I also got my new glasses.

Jazz band was better than usual. My playing was also quite a bit better.

I forgot my homework in Japanese, due to a very stressful week. I'll just do it over the weekend, since I have time.

P.E. was quite enjoyable, since we were doing various exercises. We tossed medicine balls upward, which nearly killed both my friend and myself. Also, we did balancing things, which we didn't do too well.

I saw some very funny stuff when reading The Terminal Man, which is a very good book. I've enjoyed it since I started reading it.

Lunch was a bit different. Vicky came up to the front hall with me. Everyone was there, and they said that they don't hate me, or anything. This got my friend mad, since that's what she heard a few days back. Before we started eating, we decided to go to the student center to find a place to sit. Sadly, we just went back, since there wasn't a good place to sit there.

Band was pretty productive. It reminded me of last year, when we got quite a bit of work done in class.

After school, I've found out that my parents got me a picture phone for a reason I'm still not sure of. I was pretty happy, until I accidentally locked it. My parents had to take it in later.

I got my new glasses today. They made me sick, due to the progressive lenses. The style is a lot different than previously. Due to the sickness, I decided to not go to Borders and go to sleep early.

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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