Sunday, November 07, 2004

November 6, 2004: Game

My day was just average at first. I started with waking up at 5 AM, due to me going to sleep at 7 PM.

During the morning, I basically edited the PHP and CSS of my website, learning a few things about it. I used a bit of resourcefulness to solve one of my problems.

Bothell vs. Capital; CHS 28:14

It started at school, in the band portable. my section and I talked a bit, before listening to music. As time went, more and more people came. I gave a girl my phone number, so she could message me. My friend came, and my dad brought me a jacket. When it came to loading the busses, I brought my case and she sat next to me. For most of the time, the case sat across both of our laps.

The bus ride was somewhat enjoyable. We discussed issues over our depression, and I've found out how much I really mean to her, which was quite a bit. As the ride progressed, we listened to music on my iPod. I started to get a little nauseous as time went on. She also felt like something emotional was bothering me.

When we arrived at the Capital Mall, only our bus was there. The second one hadn't arrived yet. When we entered the building, she had to go to the bathroom, so I obviously waited for her by the Subway in the food court. I ended up getting this fruit smoothie, which just made my sickness worse. I sat down with her and her friends, but when that same trombone kid came, I left, since I didn't want an argument. She felt kind of bad about that, and her and the kid came up front. Coincidentally, the bus had come. She sat next to me, as before.

On the second bus ride, a girl called me on the phone. At first, I didn't remember who she was.

Upon arriving at the Olympia High School, I left my jacket on the bus and brought my instrument with me. I unpacked it beside the bus, and stowed the case beneath. My music flip folder was badly falling apart, but I coped with it an before. The band walked into the stadium and setup.

The actual game was pretty good. We cheered quite a bit, and there was a lot of screaming and dancing to cadences. Also, I got tired of that kid's criticism, so I've began to just give him a rebuttal every time. A trumpet player broke us up and talked to him. After then, he seemed really down. Our break was five minutes, so I walked about to stretch my legs. When we got back, things returned to normal. My section was joking about "meat sticks" (Pepperoni sticks) quite a bit. When the fourth quarter came about, I kept saying that we were screwed. They were ahead by 7 and gaining. The final score was Capital 28:14. Oddly enough, both teams were Cougars. I also let off a lot of gas at this point, so I ended up feeling a lot better afterwards.

My friend wanted to sit with her friends, which were getting rides home. She decided to sit with me, as before. We started off with some small discussion. Her neck hurt, o I offered her my shoulder, which she accepted. We then listened to music for a while, until the battery died. A while later, she decided to lay down, her head upon my arm, which was in front of my stomach. I rested my arm upon her back. I was happy in this position, and warm. As I looked around, a lot of girls were laying on the guys. She had to shift positions an hour later, but she didn't really stay off until we were nearly there. I got off of the bus, and rode home for a short pit sop.

Denny's wasn't all that good. I talked to a few people and ate some slightly undercooked mozzarella sticks. I went home after that, feeling kind of alone.

I got home around 12 AM or so

じゃあ また,


じゃあ また,



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